Thursday, July 31, 2014


We recently met up with a sweet family we got to know through contacts in the adoptions community.  Emma, a precious young IMG_1511IMG_1514IMG_1504IMG_1516adopted daughter from China who came home about 8 months before Hope and Ellen her Mom and Eddy her Dad.  We were blessed to visit with them for a couple of days in a beautiful place in northern Georgia.  Here are a few pictures from our visit. IMG_1520IMG_1528IMG_1538IMG_1540

This sweet family lives in a beautiful cabin just a few yards from a good sized creek that flows constantly.  When you walk out on the front porch you are overlooking that lovely creek and hearing the sound of it rushing over the rocks…I would spend every day probably all day on the porch reading a book.  It was a precious time with a special family. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lubbock 2012

Recently Ronnie Hope and I went with Bethany to Lubbock.  She was working. We went along to take care of little Audrey and were able to visit Ronnie’s cousin Carrie and her husband Lance, do a little sight seeing along the way and enjoy some of the interesting aspects of Lubbock.  The girls had a wonderful time together.  I really think it was good for them.  Here they are in front of the Crosby County Courthouse.  Ronnie loves to take pictures of Courthouses and so we always take little side trips when we travel to get a few more for his collection. IMG_2469

IMG_2513Here the girls are looking down a “Prairie Dog” hole…wonder what they would have done if one had stuck his cute little head up while they were sitting there!! This was in a park in Lubbock where they have what they call a Prairie Dog Town.  We were able to watch them from afar coming and going between the little mounds.   IMG_2493

Our hotel was nice and Hope and Audrey did not seem to mind posing for pictures!IMG_2586IMG_2750IMG_2741IMG_2743IMG_2744IMG_2642IMG_2641IMG_2558IMG_2553IMG_2562IMG_2528


Not sure if you can see the “Jack Rabbits” in the above photos but we went to a museum there and the rabbits live on the grounds and children have a ton of fun chasing them…it was so hot but that did not slow down Hope and Audrey they chased and chased and chased those rabbits. Lucky the rabbits were just a bit faster than our girls.IMG_2794IMG_2807IMG_2809IMG_2791IMG_2821We also experienced a bit of a Lubbock sand storm.IMG_2834Hope managed to talk Dad into new Cowgirl boots…Woo Hoo.  Audrey got her pink (of course) boots for her birthday.IMG_2848IMG_2881IMG_2876IMG_2874

Have you ever seen the movie “The Last Picture Show?”

All in all we had fun…poor Beth had to work most of the time!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation

I loved it!  It was so cute.  They walked down the isle in their caps and gowns cute as they could be and smiles on their faces.  I will not post a group shot since I’m trying to be so careful about the other kiddos privacy.  Anyway here is what I can post…IMG_6777IMG_6842 (2)IMG_6848 (2)IMG_6862Hope with Nanny.  (Nanny is really Bradley Ben Sunnie and Heath’s grandmother but she loves Hopie like one of her own…and Hope really loves Nanny)IMG_6855Hope and her Grandma…I’ve got to start checking for blinks and take better pictures…sorry Grandma but Hope would not like it if I left off  a picture of you and her together. IMG_6879Sunnie Kay and Hope MarieIMG_6861 (2)Hope and her sisters…Bethany, Carmen and MistyIMG_6869 (2) Audrey Hope and Heath… aren’t they cute.

Kindergarten graduation is only symbolic but it’s lots of fun and we all really enjoyed the day!


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend Picnic

Each year we are blessed to be a part of a gathering of  people of all ages from the small community where Ronnie’s Dad grew up.  There is a small cemetery beside a small church with covered picnic pavilions and lots of beautiful trees and plants.  The cemetery upkeep is taken care of by a group of volunteer trustee’s and workers who have family buried  there.  It is really a community wide event and lots of folks from out of town make their way back to this little wide spot in the road to enjoy the fellowship with old and new friends, enjoy the picnic and to help carry on the business of seeing to it that this little cemetery continues to have the best of care and those who are buried there are respected and their graves attended throughout the year.

Here are a few pictures from this years picnic.017

Here Misty tenderly arranges flowers on Wade’s grave…we do miss him so much.026

These markers are beautiful although I did blur out the names and the  dates for privacy.


016003All babies love Misty…or   “Sissy” as her nieces and nephews call her. 021Rick holding up the old oak.019048This picture shows the little church. Heath  never knew his Grandpa Junie but I know Grandpa Junie would love this precious little one standing on his military grave marker. I somehow missed getting a picture of cute little Audrey with her two cute pigtails and ruffled denim skirt…she was a cutie.  Maybe Misty got a picture.  I’ll add it later if she does.030

The mighty Oak tree that stands watch…042Grandma with a granddaughter and two great-grandchildren. 

Hope helped her Dad lead the folks in the Pledge to the American Flag today…it was a precious site for this Mom who waited so long to bring her to a free country and home to her family who loves her so much.  We are blessed and we pray for those family members and others serving in the Military on this special weekend.